Grounding and bonding is the process of connecting your lightning protection system to all metal objects that could be an attractant of lightning. This gives the energy form a lightning strike a safe path to ground with minimal damage to the structure. Grounding is accomplished by running an approved cable from the metal object to a lightning protection cable running from the lightning rods to the ground.

Some examples of objects that may need grounding / bonding are:

  • T.V. satellite dishes
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas appliances
  • Interior metal framing
  • Ground wire from security systems, T.V.s, or telephones

Contact us today to request grounding / bonding services and protect your home and belongings from lightning damage.

bonding-gas-main bonding-sprinkler
Bonding and grounding of a gas main to a lightning protection system Bonding of a sprinkler system to a lightning protection system
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